Industrial Valve Suppliers in Libya

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Industrial Valve Suppliers in Libya
African Valve is the top most Industrial Valve Suppliers in Libya

African Valve is the leading Industrial Valve Suppliers in Libya. African Valve stands as the premier supplier and manufacturer of valves across Africa with a commitment to excellence, we ensure top-notch products and services. We proudly serve clients across Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, and Ethiopia, ensuring reliable access to top-tier valve solutions continent-wide. As a reputed valve supplier we provide different types of valves available in different sizes and classes made with high standard material quality to meet the needs of various industries. 


Choose a premium Industrial Valve Suppliers in Libya and ensure safety, reliability and durability with African Valve, your trusted industrial Valve Supplier in Nigeria. Here are some major types of valve we manufacture and supply:


Control Valve: It is a type of valve used in various industrial processes to regulate the flow of fluids such as liquids, gases, steam, or slurries

Cryogenic Valve: This type of valve is specifically designed to handle extremely low temperatures encountered in cryogenic applications.

Pressure Reducing Valve: These valves are also known as a pressure regulator, is a type of valve used to control and maintain a lower pressure in a pipeline or system than the pressure of the fluid entering it.

Safety Valve: It is a crucial safety device used in industrial systems to prevent dangerous pressure build-ups.

Check Valve: These valves are also known as a non-return valve or one-way valve, a mechanical device used in piping systems to allow fluid to flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow

Gate Valve: It is a  type of valve used to control the flow of fluid within pipes. They consist of a sliding gate or wedge-shaped disc that moves perpendicular to the flow of the fluid.

Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls the flow of fluid through a pipeline by means of a disc mounted on a rotating shaft.

Globe Valve: It is a type of linear motion valve used for regulating the flow of fluids in pipelines.

Ball Valve: A ball valve is a type of valve used to control the flow of fluids within a piping system. It consists of a spherical closure (the "ball") with a hole or port through the center

Knife Gate Valve: A knife gate valve is a specialized type of gate valve designed for applications involving the flow control of fluids with high concentrations of solids, such as slurries and viscous media.

Foot Valve: A foot valve is a type of check valve commonly used in pumping systems to prevent backflow and maintain prime in suction lines

Electric Actuated Valve: Thay are automated valves that use electric power to control the opening and closing of the valve. 



Control and Regulate the flow of fluids

Prevent from leakage of fluids

Quick shut off and quick response in the operation

Pressure regulation

Ensure safety in operations

Easy to operate and install

Versatility comes in different sizes for various industrial applications

Prevention of backflow of fluid 

Corrosion Resistance



Oil and Gas Industry

Power Generation

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Pulp and paper industry

Marine and offshore industry

Petrochemical industries

Textile and Process Industries

Thermal and Nuclear Power industries

Mining and Minerals 

Food and Beverage

Marine Industry

Irrigation System

Textile industry



Available materials: Ductile iron, Monel, WCB, WCC, WC6, LCB, LCC, SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, Aluminum Bronze, Bronze, Brass, F55, F53, F51, Inconel, Titanium.

Class: 150 to 2500.

Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN450.

Size: ½” to 80”.

Ends: Flanged, Wafer, Lug, Buttweld, Socket weld, Threaded.

Operations:  Lever operated, Gear operated, Electric actuated, Pneumatic actuated, Handwheel



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