Is Alte University good for MBBS?

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Is Alte University good for MBBS?
Alte University is one of the most recognised universities which provides an MBBS program at affordable costs. The university is a fully furnished centre for higher education and medical studies

Is Alte University good for MBBS?

Alte University is rich in culture and heritage and is one of the top universities for practising an MBBS programme abroad. It's a private university which was established in 2002 in Tbilisi. The university comprises 5000 students who come to do their medical sciences abroad. There are about 2350 students who have graduated with flying colours. The university has a total 6-year program suitable for the candidates.


Quick Highlights

The main factors of Alte university include:-

  • The university course is a total of 6 years.

  • The students need to have qualified for the NEET exam as an essential of the MBBS program.

  • All the universities are recognised by WHO, NMC, WFMG and Faimer.

  • The country rank is 2 and the world rank is 10982.

  • The English qualification is one major criterion for the MBBS course.

Admission Criteria

The application procedure at Alte university is very simple. Alte university admission requirements include the following points:-

  • Step 1:-The students need to complete the application form with the requirements.

  • Step 2 As soon as the application procedure is received by the university, the students will then be issued an offer letter. 

  • Step 3:- After the acceptance letter is received the students need to pay the fees into the bank account.

  • Step 4 After the application form and documents are attested and the offer letter is received, the visa process can be applied for.

  • Step 5:- The total time for the visa process is around 30 days.

  • Step 6 After the fees are paid as a part of the Alte University admission requirements, the procedure is complete.


Documents required for the admission process:-

The documents required for the admission procedure at the Alte University are:-

  • 10th and 12th class mark sheets with certified scores are required.

  • The students need to have a qualified score on the NEET exam.

  • The medical report needs to be provided by a candidate who should be HIV-free.

  • The students need to provide passport-size photographs as part of the application procedure of Alte University.

  • The students need to have a COVID-19 report which needs to be attested also.

  • A true passport copy is required as part of an essential requirement


Student life at the University

The main reasons to be an integral part of Alte university are that the students have a lifetime experience of benefitting the procedure of medicine with the top faculties and latest infrastructure. The university comprises 7 substantial structures which are filled with amenities. The university coaxes the students to work extremely hard when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.

Alte University MBBS fees are highly reasonable and affordable which is why the students do not have any budget constraints. The university provides a good program with a chronological round of lectures to disseminate vital information. The FMGE, USMLE and PLAB are the major exams which are a part of the university and help the students to practise overseas. There are get-togethers hosted to pep up the morale of the university.


Fee structure


The cost of living in Tbilisi Georgia, is very economical. Alte University Mbbs fees incorporate tuition and hostel fees. The fee structure is very economical and can be seen at a glance.



Study in USD

Study in INR

Apartment cost

976 USD

80,000 INR

Meal cost 

12 USD

980 INR

Transportation cost 

16 USD

1310 INR

Top Bottom Line


Alte University is one of the best universities for an MBBS program and candidates who are eligible to practise medicine in this university are truly blessed. The university is a beautiful place to be a part of and enjoy the life which not many people get to witness.


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