Is Kazakhstan MBBS valid in India?

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When compared to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and other countries, MBBS in Kazakhstan is significantly less expensive, starting at just INR 15 lakhs for the entire course. MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Studentsis a really good choice. It is affordable as MBBS in Kazakhstan fee structure is cheaper than other nations.
Is Kazakhstan MBBS valid in India?
Yes, MBBS from Kazakhstan is 100% valid in India, because most medical universities in Kazakhstan follow NMC guidelines.

MBBS from Kazakhstan: Admission process, Eligibility criteria,

Kazakhstan was earlier a part of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan is a developing country and its capital name is Astana, the currency here is Kazakhstan Tenge 5 Tenge is equal to 1 Rupee in India. For Indian students who are thinking of doing an MBBS abroad, Kazakhstan is a better option as medical studies are very economical & reasonable. The medical universities here follow the guidelines of NMC, and the medical colleges are accredited by organisations like WHO, FAIMER, MCC, etc.

It is very important for Indian medical students who want to do MBBS from Kazakhstan to keep some things in mind, this article Education Vibes has covered a lot about the medical universities of Kazakhstan, read the complete article to know more. 

Overview of MBBS from Kazakhstan

Here is an important point about the MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students:

Course offered


Course duration

5 + 1-year medical internship



Eligibility criteria for Indian students

Student must pass 10+2  Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 60%

NEET Qualify

NEET qualify is mandatory for all Indian aspirants


Not required

Kazakhstan MBBS fees for Indian students

3800 USD - 5300 USD per year

Medium of teaching 


University-recognized MBBS from Kazakhstan

NMC, WHO, and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University, Kazakh National Medical University, Caspian University

Is Kazakhstan MBBS valid in India?

Kazakhstan's MBBS degree is completely valid in India, there is a big reason behind this which makes this MBBS degree valid. Because the medical universities here follow the rules and regulations of the guidelines of NMC. Let us tell you that NMC is an organisation that regulates India's education system and the medical profession. National Medical Council (NMC) formally known as Medical Council of India (MCI). Along with this, the Medical University of Kazakhstan is accredited by the world's largest renowned institutes like WHO, FAIMER, MCC, etc. That is why an MBBS degree is valid all over the world.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian students in Kazakhstan

Here is some important information about the Indian students who want to enrol in Kazakhstan Medical College:

  • Indian students must qualify for the NEET examination with passing marks and it is compulsory for all Indian medical aspirants.

  • Students who wish to do an MBBS from Kazakhstan must pass the 10+2 board exam in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with 60%.

  • The age of students should not be less than 17 years and not more than 25 years.

Required Documents

Indian medical students who desire to obtain their MBBS from Kazakhstan must check the documents list given below:

  • 10th mark sheets 

  • 12th  mark sheets

  • Medical Certificate

  • HIV reports

  • COVID 19 reports

  • Passport

  • Valid visa

  • Invitation letter etc.

Best Medical University in Kazakhstan

Here is the list of best medical universities in Kazakhstan which are as follows:

Medical University name 

Tuition fees per year

Hostel Charge per year

Kazakh National Medical University

5300 USD

800 USD

South Kazakh State Medical University

4400 USD

800 USD

Caspian International School of Medicine

4500 USD

1000 USD

Kokshetau State University

3900 USD

700 USD

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

4100 USD

500 USD

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

4900 USD

800 USD


Absolutely yes, an MBBS degree from Kazasthan is valid in India. Kazakhstan Medical University provides high-quality medical education in the entire world. MBBS fees here are quite affordable and manageable, if someone wants to pursue an MBBS degree from here then his/her full-year expenses will be around Rs 18 lakh to Rs 24 lakh.

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