CooperSurgical IVF Lawsuits: Claims against Embryo Culture Media

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CooperSurgical IVF Lawsuits: Claims against Embryo Culture Media
Discover the process of In Vitro Fertilization, CooperSurgical's products, and the lawsuits centered on CooperSurgical IVF solutions. Learn more about CooperSurgical IVF lawsuits in this article.

CooperSurgical IVF Lawsuits: Claims against Embryo Culture Media

In vitro fertilization is referred to as IVF. It's among the forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that are more known. In order to help sperm fertilize an egg and aid the fertilized egg's implantation in the uterus, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) employs a combination of medications and surgical techniques.

In the IVF procedure, a woman's eggs are removed and subsequently fertilized with sperm to produce a healthy embryo that is inserted into the uterus. Often, the embryos must be stored for a while before being implanted, and in these situations, they need to be carefully maintained.

The firm CooperSurgical Fertility is well-known for its work in reproductive genetics and IVF. It provides a large selection of assisted reproductive technologies and services.

An "Urgent Media Recall: Field Safety Notice" was released by CooperSurgical on December 5, 2023, concerning its "LifeGlobal global® Media" lot numbers 231020-018741, 231020-018742, and 231020-018743. According to the recall notice, CooperSurgical has been notified of a concerning "sudden increase" in the number of complaints from the media regarding these specific batches.

CooperSurgical is in the middle of a legal storm due to recent developments in Los Angeles. Two Los Angeles couples who claim that their embryos were destroyed because of a solution made for IVF treatments have filed lawsuits against the firm.

These couples had started the difficult process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to realize their goal of becoming parents. Adam Wolf, an attorney, was their representative. Sadly, their hopes were dashed when, after being exposed to CooperSurgical's embryo culture solution, their embryos failed to develop.

The firm was accused of negligence in a number of areas, including the distribution, production, and marketing of the embryo media, in the CooperSurgical IVF lawsuit. If the CooperSurgical embryo culture media has affected you, it is important to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about your situation and your legal options.

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