Neptune's Fix Tianeptine Recall Lawsuit: Insights & Updates

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Neptune's Fix Tianeptine Recall Lawsuit: Insights & Updates
Explore the insights on the recall of Neptune's Fix tianeptine, the side effects of tianeptine, and information on other hazardous ingredients in Neptune's Fix. Read the article to get more information.

Neptune's Fix Tianeptine Recall Lawsuit: Insights & Updates

The Neptune's Fix supplement maker, Neptune Resources, has voluntarily consented to recall all remaining lots of Neptune's Fix Elixir, Neptune's Fix Extra Strength Elixir, and Neptune's Fix Tablets, according to a notice from the FDA. In January 2024, the FDA wrote to convenience stores and gas stations requesting that they cease selling the products.

Supplements with tianeptine are frequently offered at convenience stores and gasoline stations under the brand name Neptune's Fix. The FDA issued a warning, stating that there have been serious negative effects associated with using the items, such as seizures, unconsciousness, high blood pressure, and even death.

The agency was notified of multiple adverse occurrences associated with the use of these items, which is why the alert was issued. Seizures and unconsciousness that required hospitalization were among them.

Neptune's Fix and other products containing tianeptine were first alerted to consumers by the FDA in November last year. The FDA stated that tianeptine is a "potentially dangerous substance" that is "illegally sold with claims to improve brain function and treat anxiety, depression, pain, opioid use disorder, and other conditions."

Furthermore, the FDA cautioned that children, adolescents, and young people under the age of 25 have a reasonable likelihood of experiencing life-threatening events, including suicide thinking or behavior. Individuals who inadvertently overdose may also be at risk for confusion, seizures, sleepiness, dry mouth, and dyspnea. There is a chance that tianeptine and antidepressants will interact, which could have dangerous and even fatal side effects.

The CDC claims that a "cluster of severe illness" was caused by an "uncharacteristic spike" in tianeptine exposure that was reported to the Poison Control Center in New Jersey last year.

The CDC reports that there were 17 incidents of "severe clinical effects" and that 14 of those patients had taken Neptune's Fix tianeptine. The CDC also notes that certain samples of the patients' elixir contained "synthetic cannabinoids." All of the patients had "altered mental status."

Seven of the patients required intubation out of the thirteen who were admitted to the intensive care unit. However, it's unclear if the synthetic marijuana was given to each patient.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA state that tianeptine is not authorized for any medical use in the United States. The CDC claimed that there has been a rise in the dangerous adverse effects linked to tianeptine, including 151 incidents of tianeptine exposure that were reported to poison control centers in 2020 alone.

It is recommended that anyone in possession of the product—consumer, distributor, or retail partner—stop using it immediately. Stay updated to know more additional information.

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