Breaking Boundaries: Liquid Packaging For Challenging Product Types
Breaking Boundaries: Liquid Packaging For Challenging Product Types
Sustainable Liquid Packaging solutions are rapidly evolving to reduce environmental impact. Biodegradable materials, such as compostable plastics derived from renewable resources, are gaining traction

A multi-ply paperboard with strong wet sizing, high rigidity, and a high barrier coating is referred to as a liquid packing board. Utilising three plies with a basic weight of roughly 300 g/m2 is the most common. These use paperboard that has been coated with polyethylene, additional liquid packaging board, and occasionally a foil laminate. Their primary materials of choice include polyethylene, paperboard, polypropylene, and aluminium foil.Liquid Packaging refers to the process and materials involved in packaging and containing liquid products.

It encompasses the design, manufacturing, and selection of appropriate packaging materials and containers specifically tailored for liquids such as beverages, food products, pharmaceuticals, personal care items, and household chemicals. Liquid Packaging designs may include features such as airtight seals, tamper-evident closures, child-resistant caps, and spill-proof designs to ensure safety and prevent accidental ingestion or exposure to the liquid contents. Liquid packaging also considers convenience for consumers, with designs that facilitate easy pouring, dispensing, and handling.


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