The Secret to Viral Content: Purchasing Automatic Story Views to Increase Engagement
The Secret to Viral Content: Purchasing Automatic Story Views to Increase Engagement
Want to make your content go viral? Buy automatic story views to instantly increase engagement and put your content on the map

The Secret to Viral Content: Purchasing Automatic Story Views to Increase Engagement

Going viral on social media is the holy grail for brands and influencers. A single viral post can increase your followers, website traffic, and sales almost overnight. But viral content feels impossible to predict or control. How do some posts catch fire while others flop? Is virality just pure luck? Not exactly. In this post, I'm sharing the secret tactic that major brands and influencers use to ignite viral social media content: buying automatic story views.

Keep reading to learn what automatic story views are, how they work to boost engagement, and why purchasing views could be the missing ingredient you need to transform your content into a viral sensation. I'll also recommend the best sites to purchase high-quality automatic story views and provide tips for getting started. Let's dive in!

What Are Automatic Story Views?

Automatic story views are views that are algorithmically generated for your social media stories by bot accounts. When you purchase automatic story views from a provider, their network of bot accounts will start viewing your story within minutes, simulating real views and rapidly increasing your view count.

Unlike fake followers, automatic story views are a "one-and-done" service. The bot accounts only view your content once. They don't follow or continuously engage with your profile. Automatic story views are also high-quality and undetected by social platforms. Top providers use advanced techniques like residential IP addresses, human-like behavior, and staggered viewing to make the views appear authentic.

How Do Automatic Story Views Go Viral?

Purchasing automatic story views can transform your content into a viral hit through a simple psychological phenomenon: the bandwagon effect. The bandwagon effect is our tendency as social creatures to do (and believe) things because many other people do.

On social media, high view counts act as powerful social proof. When people see a story with tens of thousands or millions of views, they instinctively assume it must be good, popular content. Seeing the high views triggers a FOMO reaction, causing more genuine users to start viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing.

This exponentially grows your organic reach and engagement. A story with fake views goes nowhere. But real people will hop on the bandwagon of content that already appears viral because of high automatic views. The momentum builds on itself, creating a viral landslide.

For savvy marketers, buying automatic story views ignites this bandwagon effect. The initial boost in views looks popular and gets content circulating to real audiences. Instead of hoping for a random stroke of luck, you can deliberately manufacture virality.

Why You Should Buy Automatic Story Views

Beyond just going viral, purchasing automatic story views has a variety of benefits:

  • Increase credibility and social proof for your personal brand or business.
  • Attract more followers and brand awareness. Viral content reaches wider audiences.
  • Drive traffic to your website or online shop. Viral content equals more click-throughs.
  • Boost engagement rates by making your content appear more popular than it is.
  • Increase ranking on social media algorithms when your content performs well.
  • Beat the Instagram shadowban if your engagement is lagging.
  • Save time instead of relying on follow/unfollow or engagement groups.
  • Get noticed by influencers and potential sponsors who focus on top-performing content.
  • Reinforce positive messaging by managing the initial momentum.
  • Stay on top of hot trending topics and hashtags by going viral quickly.
  • Encourage sharing and user-generated content like reels and TikTok duets.

As you can see, the applications are nearly endless! Buying views is a smart investment that levels up your social media marketing to the next stratosphere.

Types of Automatic Story Views to Buy

Now that you're sold on the power of automatic story views, let's discuss the purchasing options. The market offers three main types of automatic story views:

  1. Follower Views

Follower views come from bot accounts that also follow your profile. This looks the most natural, since followers viewing your content is normal. However, there's a risk of accounts unfollowing later, which could raise flags. Use follower views sparingly.

  1. Non-Follower Views

Non-follower views are the most common type. As the name suggests, the bot accounts don't follow you. This leaves no footprint behind or chance of future unfollows. Non-follower views are safe for regular use.

  1. Mixed Views

Mixed view packages include a combination of follower and non-follower views. This adds an extra layer of authenticity. Just be cautious of mass unfollowing. Many providers let you pay a fee to prevent unfollows.

Which Type Should You Buy?

We recommend buying mostly non-follower views with mixed views used periodically. The mix looks more natural than just non-followers. Limit follower views to avoid cleanup hassles down the road. Also opt for packages that drip-feed views over several days, mimicking organic growth patterns.

How to Pick the Best Automatic Story Views Provider

The provider you choose can make or break your results. Steer clear of cheap view bots or sketchy websites. Only use high-quality providers known for delivering authentic views safely. But with so many options, how do you select the best one? Here are key factors to check:

  • Reputation - Choose an established provider with mostly positive reviews.
  • Quality - They should use advanced techniques to mimic real users. Ask about their view sources.
  • Reliability - See if they consistently deliver all views promised within the timeframe.
  • Customer Service - Look for quick responses if you need help or have questions.
  • Pricing - Balance quality with budget. Very cheap views are likely botted and low-quality.
  • Reach - A larger network means more views delivered and faster turnaround times.
  • Security - Your profile information should remain private and confidential.
  • Refills/Replacements - In case any views drop, they should replace them for free.
  • Website Usability - Easy ordering, payment, etc. Top providers have a seamless process.

Following these criteria will lead you to a stellar automatic story views service. We've hand-picked and reviewed the top options on the market right now.

Recommended Providers of Automatic Story Views

After extensive research, these three providers stand out as the best places to buy automatic story views:


Our top choice is, which offers an exceptional combination of quality, reliability, and affordability. They deliver natural, high-retention auto-story views from worldwide sources. With packages starting at just $9 for 100 views/post fits all budgets. Get up to 20% extra free views using our special promo code at checkout.


This seasoned provider has over 10 years of experience and thousands of happy customers. We love SocialPackages for their ultra-fast fulfillment, great customer support, and views from real residential accounts. Use code PARTNER10 to save 10%!

  1. Followersup

Newer to the scene but quickly rising is Followersup. Their competitive pricing and reliable mixed views helped them earn a spot on our list. Save 20% off your first purchase with the code FIRST20.

Start with these three recommended sources, as they offer the best overall value. Don't waste money on subpar automatic views! Choosing a reputable provider also ensures safety for your profile.

How to Buy Automatic Story Views (Step-by-Step)

If you're ready to jump on board, here is an easy step-by-step guide to buying your first automatic story views:

  1. Choose a provider - We recommend starting with SocialPros, SocialPackages, or Followersup for quality and reliability.
  2. Select your views package - Decide follower, non-follower, or a mix. Start small if unsure.
  3. Provide your username - This allows the views to be delivered to the correct profile.
  4. Customize services (optional) - Many providers let you split views across multiple posts.
  5. Enter payment and checkout - Pay via credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency for security.
  6. Wait for views delivery - You'll start seeing views within 12-24 hours as they drip in naturally.
  7. Monitor analytics - Track views, likes, comments, and saves to optimize future content.
  8. Enjoy the engagement - Respond to any new comments and messages that come in!

Welcome to, the ultimate destination for authentic social media growth! Our state-of-the-art auto likes service is designed to supercharge your online presence. Experience the magic of genuine engagement as we deliver real likes from active users, propelling your posts to new heights of visibility and impact.

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