BD Vacutainer Color Guide
BD Vacutainer Color Guide
BD Vacutainer Color Guide to understand its importance in proper blood identification and its role in delivering quality patient care.

BD Vacutainer Color Guide for Proper Blood Identification

In the field of healthcare, precision and accuracy are paramount. This guide is a visual key to the different-colored tops of BD Vacutainer tubes online, each color representing a specific additive or anticoagulant used in blood collection. In this blog, you will delve into the BD Vacutainer Color Guide to understand its importance in proper blood identification and its role in delivering quality patient care.


The Significance of Blood Collection Tubes

Before we dive into the color guide, let's briefly touch on the importance of blood collection tubes. These tubes are designed to collect and preserve blood samples for laboratory analysis. They are labeled with specific colors to signify the type of additive or anticoagulant inside, which, in turn, determines the suitability of the sample for various diagnostic tests.


Understanding the BD Vacutainer Color Guide

BD, a renowned leader in healthcare technology, manufactures the Vacutainer blood collection system. One of the most crucial aspects of this system is its color-coded tops, each associated with a specific purpose. Here is a breakdown of the BD Vacutainer Color Guide:


       Lavender/Purple: Lavender or purple tops are commonly associated with EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) anticoagulant. These tubes are primarily used for complete blood counts (CBC) and blood cell morphology studies. EDTA prevents blood from clotting by binding calcium ions, preserving the integrity of blood cell morphology.

       Green: Tubes with green tops typically contain sodium heparin or lithium heparin. Heparin acts as an anticoagulant by inhibiting thrombin formation, making it suitable for various chemistry tests, such as electrolytes and basic metabolic panels.

       Gray: Gray-top tubes contain sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate. These substances work together to inhibit glycolysis, making them ideal for tests that require accurate glucose and alcohol measurements, such as glucose tolerance tests.

       Blue: Blue-top tubes contain sodium citrate and are used for coagulation tests. Sodium citrate prevents clotting by binding to calcium ions, preserving the stability of coagulation factors for testing purposes.

       Red: Tubes with red tops are devoid of anticoagulants or additives. They are used for serum-based tests, including blood chemistry panels, hormone assays, and immunological studies.

       Gray/Red Marble or Gold: These tubes are often used for serum tests that require serum separation. They contain clot activators and gel separators, facilitating the separation of serum from the clot during centrifugation.

       Black: Black-top tubes contain sodium citrate and are used primarily for sedimentation rate testing, such as the Westergren method, which measures inflammation in the body.

       Tan: Tan-top tubes contain potassium EDTA and are primarily used for lead determinations. The potassium EDTA helps preserve the stability of lead in blood samples.


Why the BD Vacutainer Color Guide Matters?

The BD Vacutainer Color Guide is more than just a color code—it's a system that ensures proper sample collection, handling, and identification. Using the wrong tube for a specific test can lead to inaccurate results and potential patient harm. For instance, using a lavender-top tube instead of a green-top tube for a chemistry test could alter the electrolyte composition, resulting in erroneous results and incorrect patient care decisions.



The BD Vacutainer Color Guide is an essential tool in healthcare, providing a standardized and foolproof method for identifying blood collection tubes. This simple yet effective system plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety, diagnostic accuracy, and efficient laboratory workflows. If you want to buy a gold top tube for sale or BD Vacutainer tube, you can get it from All Star Medical Supply at bulk rates.

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