CT Guided Injection
CT Guided Injection
CT Guided Injection

CT Guided Injection

Patient presentation:

  • Left sided lower neck pain, worsening with movement.
  • Lower back pain, radiating to both legs on walking and when standing for long periods of time.
  • Symptoms started after a workplace injury.

MRI Cervical and Lumbar spines:

  • Shows inflammation around the left C5/6 and left C6/7 facet joints, which is most likely the cause of the lower left neck pain.
  • Disc bulge at L4/5 level, causing compression of the exiting nerves to both sides, which is most likely the cause of the lower back and lower limb symptoms.

Requested cortisone injections:

  • CT guided left C5/6 and C6/7 facet joint injections – to treat left lower neck symptoms.
  • CT guided L4/5 level epidural injection – to treat lower back and bilateral leg symptoms.

The injections were performed on two separate days for the two different regions.


Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory to help treat joint and nerve injury/inflammation. It is administered via a needle, which is positioned by a radiologist under CT guidance. When the correct position has been obtained, a combination of anaesthetic and cortisone is injected which is designed to relieve the symptoms. This may take up to a week to reach full effect.

Our workers compensation cases are dealt with by dedicated staff who are specifically trained to assist in liaising with claims officers for pre-approval and to book an appointment and follow up with the referring doctor. All that is needed is a request from a medical practitioner, patient contact details and insurance details.

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