Rules of behavior and safety in a taxi that every passenger needs to know
Rules of behavior and safety in a taxi that every passenger needs to know
Traveling in a car is not only comfortable but also affordable. At the same time, passengers are very demanding of drivers,

Rules of behavior and safety in a taxi that every passenger needs to know

For many, a taxi has ceased to be an expensive and unaffordable pleasure. The market realities are such that competition among carriers forces companies to reduce tariffs and offer customers additional bonuses. Traveling in a car is not only comfortable but also affordable. At the same time, passengers are very demanding of drivers, sometimes forgetting about their behavior. Unfortunately, the attitude "if you pay, everything is possible" takes root in the minds of many clients. Some people cross the permitted boundaries, and the driver needs help. To prevent such situations, you need to look after yourself and increase your demands on yourself and not on others.


Everyone knows that a driver must:


  • be polite and helpful;
  • keep the car interior clean;
  • perfectly navigate the city;
  • be honest and accurate;
  • be friendly;
  • charge strictly according to the meter.

But do we always follow the basic rules of etiquette? Are we not provoking the taxi driver into rudeness and lies with our behavior? Let's be honest with ourselves, and then it will become easier for us and those around us.


Taxi etiquette rules


A taxi is a public transport, meaning you must behave there the same way as in a minibus or trolleybus. A taxi driver is not your driver, so calls in the spirit of "hey, man" are inappropriate here.


  • When submitting an order, you must formulate the purpose of the order so that the dispatcher can provide the required type of car (with a child car seat, a large trunk, VIP class, with a capacity of more than five people, or others). Agree; it's ridiculous to make claims against the arriving driver for failing to meet your expectations without first explaining additional requirements.
  • The rules for using public transport state that you cannot board it while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; a taxi driver, seeing the inappropriate behavior of a passenger, has the right to refuse him a trip.
  • Oversized and dangerous cargo must be transported in specialized transport; do not try to force the taxi driver to break the rules.
  • Do not distract the driver by talking. No matter how professional he is, this gets in the way. The driver's inattention threatens to violate the rules and cause an accident.
  • If traveling with a group, do not make noise and behave civilly. Too provocative behavior disturbs the taxi driver.
  • And, of course, be fair to the driver - treat him as you would like. This golden rule is valid at all times.


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 Unfortunately, many people neglect them, ending up in extremely unpleasant situations. If you don't take care of yourself, no one will.



How to make a taxi ride safe?


  • The first rule that should be followed is to use the services of only trusted transport companies and not to get into the cars of illegal immigrants. Any taxi service values ?? its reputation, so your trip will be as comfortable as possible, quickly and without financial conflicts.
  • You should not sit in the front seat when traveling in a taxi alone. According to statistics, the safest place in a car is the back seat behind the driver's seat.
  • Fasten your seat belts, even if the trip is short.
  • It should be remembered that conversations distract the attention of even the most experienced driver. Therefore, you should not impose yourself as an interlocutor; maintain a polite dialogue.
  • A taxi driver is different from your driver. He is obliged to help load your things and take you to your destination. It would allow you if you did not push the driver or give him additional instructions.


Taxi as public transport


  • Even when talking with the dispatcher, you must formulate the purpose of your trip. Then, you will be provided with a car that meets your requirements. For example, a car with a spacious trunk if you need to transport a baby stroller or oversized luggage.
  • The rules for using public transport stipulate that you cannot get into a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Therefore, if the driver finds you inadequate, he must demand that you leave the vehicle.
  • Remember the rules for transporting dangerous or oversized cargo. Therefore, when transporting such things, it is worth using the services of specialized transport companies.


In general, you need to remember that you are on public transport, so you should not behave defiantly or be rude to others. Following these simple rules will allow you to reach your destination comfortably and leave a positive impression.


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