Top Bars Near Me

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Top Bars Near Me
A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays! The #1 Celebrity party is now located inside of the luxurious NEST Toronto.

Toronto is full of cool cocktail bars, watering holes, mixology establishments, and luxury nightclubs. Hands down, these are some of the best spots for the locals and tourists to grab a drink or two, enjoy social gatherings, unwind after work, etc. 

So if you're looking for some off-beat bars near me in Toronto, hang on - we've curated the perfect list for you:

  • Bar Banane

Bar Banane has a cozy, low-key setting that serves artful cocktails and drinks, with a wide selection of wine and beer. Head to this joint at Ossington Strip for some Nova Scotia lobster croustade and Moon Water made with tequila.

  • Offworld

Offworld is another hep joint in Queen West with the theme of 'outer space'. It's best known for its theatrical experiences and includes light bites for snacks and a wide selection of desserts.

  • Black Pearl

All aboard the Black Pearl when it comes to a sophisticated yet cozy feel. Black Pearl has a pretty cool street rock n roll vibe and has happy hours and late-night dancing sessions. Best known for its comfort foods like burgers, salads, twinkies, and more. 

  • Abbot

A dimly lit joint with dark wood interiors makes Abbot the place to be after work. It has an upscale atmosphere with a large selection of British delicacies. Abbot is well-renowned for its 11 tap brews.

  • Amsterdam Brewery

The Amsterdam Brewery is a brewpub and one of the best hangouts in the city to grab a few pints. This pub also offers free taste and tours on Saturdays and has been the go-to place for locals, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and brew excellence.

  • Barcode Saturdays

Barcode Saturdays is the most iconic bar in the heart of Toronto. We offer elevated weekends of pure entertainment past the mundane experiences of regular bars in the city. 

We host timeless celebrations every Saturday night with enchanting luxury and premium offerings. Our celebrity-party ritual is well worth witnessing every week. Whether you're looking for a drinking spree or divulge tales of the night, head to one of the best bars near me in Toronto for an elevated nightlife experience. Call (647) 408-1186 for reservations and info. 

Business Name:- Barcode Saturdays

Address:- 559 College St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A9

Phone:- 647–408–1186

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