Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market Will Grow At Highest Pace Owing To Increasing Demand For Highly Esthetic Dental Materials
Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market Will Grow At Highest Pace Owing To Increasing Demand For Highly Esthetic Dental Materials
The Global Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 361.47 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.5% over the forecast period 2024 to 2030.

Zirconia based dental materials such as zirconium oxide are used for the fabrication of dental prostheses like crowns and bridges. Zirconia is known to have properties such as high biocompatibility, aesthetic appeal, high flexural strength, resistance to fractures and wear resistance which makes it an ideal material for dental prostheses. It mimics the natural characteristics of teeth very well and provides long lasting solutions to patients. With advancements in CAD/CAM technology, zirconia can now be millled from a solid block and can be used to design crowns and bridges with utmost precision. The dentists use zirconia based materials to fabricate durable and natural looking dental crowns as well as bridges that last longer than other materials.


Key Takeaways:
Key players operating in the Zirconia Based Dental Materials market are Adidas AG, Nike Inc., Columbia Sportswear Company, Honeywell International Inc., Puma SE, New Balance Athletics, Michael Kors Holdings Ltd, Jack Wolfskin GmbH & Co, Bata Limited, Deichmann SE, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, The Aldo Group, and Skechers U.S.A. The demand for zirconia based dental materials is growing owing to rapidly growing geriatric population worldwide who suffer more from dental diseases. With rising awareness, people are opting more for highly esthetic dental treatments which further propels the growth of zirconia based dental materials market. Technological advancements in CAD/CAM technologies have resulted in easier fabrication of zirconia dental prostheses with high precision and surface quality.

Market Trends:
Increased automation: Manufacturers are integrating robotics and automation in production processes to address the increasing demand for zirconia based dental prostheses. This helps in improving productivity and reducing production costs.

Growing demand for customized solutions: With advances in CAD/CAM and 3D printing technologies, dentists and labs are able to design and produce highly customized and personalized dental prostheses using zirconia. This trend is expected to continue driving the growth.

Market Opportunities:
Emerging economies: Emerging economies like India, China and Brazil present lucrative opportunities for players in this market owing to growing dental tourism and rising disposable income levels.

Product innovations: Companies are investing in R&D to develop new types of zirconia materials and surface coatings/treatments that can further enhance aesthetics, strength and longevity of dental prostheses.

Impact of COVID-19 on Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the growth of the Global Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market in 2020. National lockdowns imposed worldwide in response to rising cases caused disruptions to dental practices and hospitals. This led to postponement or cancellation of non-essential dental procedures, affecting demand for zirconia based dental crowns, bridges, and implants. Supply chains were also disrupted due to movement restrictions, creating short term supply shortages for zirconia powders, blocks, and other raw materials.

However, the market is expected to bounce back rapidly post pandemic. As lockdowns are eased, dental practices and hospitals will see patients who had deferred their dental treatments earlier. This is likely to generate additional demand to make up for lost treatments. To handle increased workloads, dentists will stock up on zirconia based materials required for restorative and prosthodontic procedures. Government healthcare agencies are also focusing on hygiene and prevention in light of the pandemic, which will further augment demand. Manufacturers are expanding production capacities and enhancing supply chain resilience to ensure adequate availability going forward.

The European region currently holds the largest share of the zirconia based dental materials market in terms of value. Countries like Germany, Italy, and France have strong dental industries and a large consumer base for cosmetic and prosthodontic dentistry. Availability of advanced dental technologies and procedures has consolidated Europe's leadership position. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific region is poised to register the fastest growth during the forecast period on back of rising disposable incomes, growing medical tourism, and increasing healthcare spending across countries like India and China. Government initiatives to expand dental insurance coverage and infrastructure in these emerging economies will further fuel the market.

Geographical Region Witnessing Fastest Growth in Zirconia Based Dental Materials Market

The Asia Pacific region, primarily including China, India and other Southeast Asian countries, is expected to witness the fastest growth in the global zirconia based dental materials market during the forecast period. Rapidly developing private healthcare sectors, growing medical tourism industry and rising affordability have been driving the dental materials and equipment demand across APAC region. Further, favourable government policies supporting national dental insurance schemes are helping to increase access to dental care. For example, the ‘Smile Thailand’ project aims to expand dental facilities across Thailand. Favorable foreign direct investments and technology transfers have also promoted the development of regional dental manufacturing industry in Asia Pacific. Coupled with rising disposable incomes of vast middle-class populations, these factors are expected to propel Asia Pacific to the fastest growing geographical market for zirconia crowns, bridges and other dental prosthetic devices over the next decade.



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