ExcelR Reviews – Career Tracks, Courses, Learning Mode, Fee, Reviews, Ratings and Feedback

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ExcelR Reviews – Career Tracks, Courses, Learning Mode, Fee, Reviews, Ratings and Feedback
Read genuine ExcelR reviews from current and past learners of their data science program. Get insights on the course, curriculum, and placements. Find out more at Analytics Jobs.


Being up to date on the newest technologies, trends, methods, and other elements is essential in the modern world, which is becoming more and more digital. Selecting an entirely reliable platform to advance information and abilities across various disciplines may be challenging. ExcelR is one of the most recent examples of such a platform. We have created the ExcelR reviews to help you make the best learning platform selection possible. 

At Analytics Jobs, we’re devoted to guiding students in selecting the ideal learning environment. We thoroughly investigate several platforms, assessing each element including the learning programs, instructors, customer service, and user feedback. The viewers’ decision-making process will be supported by the information obtained regarding authentic ExcelR reviews.


ExcelR is an evolving platform for the IT sector that contributes to upskilling the skills and knowledge of students and working professionals for in-demand fields. 

This article is a guide for students and working professionals to find all the aspects of ExcelR here for choosing it as their learning platform or not. We have conducted deep research in aspects like courses offered, trainers, fees, placements, customer feedback, and most importantly, ExcelR Data Science Course Reviews.


Understanding ExcelR:

As per our ExcelR reviews, ExcelR is a leading platform providing more than 75 courses in data science, data analytics, business analytics, & full-stack development. The courses in data science, data analysis, and business analysis come with FSP-NASSCOM certification, and their full-stack development course guarantees job interviews with 2000+ hiring partners until placement.

In order to ensure that students are future-ready and may pursue productive careers, courses focus on preparing them for technological improvements as well as strategic thinking and planning.

Overview of ExcelR’s career tracks, institutional affiliations, and certifications offered:

ExcelR provides courses in emerging technologies like data science, business analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, catering to various skill levels and focusing on practical, hands-on learning to ensure real-world skill acquisition.

The courses often result in certifications for successful participants, enhancing their skills and knowledge, enhancing job market credibility, and potentially gaining recognition from industry professionals and employers.

According to our ExcelR reviews, they also offer placement support services, including resume building and interview preparation, to help participants secure placements in relevant industries. The effectiveness of these services varies, and participants are encouraged to actively engage.

The programs they offer:

Digital Marketing Course Training – The 3-month digital marketing course is conducted by industry experts. The course covers SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, and email marketing, resulting in 10 international certifications.

Internet of Things (IoT) – The 50-hour online program covers all the topics of IoTs with real-life projects for practice with a free IoT kit worth ₹7000.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – The 140 hours of this course AWS means a platform for safe cloud services that provides organizations with processing power, database storage, content distribution, and other features. They provide lifetime access to self-paced AWS self-paced training videos.

Business Analyst certification course – The 6 months program has more than 60 case studies with capstone projects. The program includes database concepts, data visualization, Excel, MySQL, and Power BI.

Full Stack Development Course training – The six monthly programs cover topics such as Java, Python, Spring Framework, and Spring Boot. It provides intensive interview preparation and guarantees job interviews until the student’s placement.

ExcelR Data Science Course Review – Program Overview:

ExcelR is a leading Data Science course in Delhi, offering a comprehensive course covering the entire Data Science lifecycle, from data collection to deployment. The course covers skills like statistical analysis, text mining, regression modeling, hypothesis testing, predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and programming languages like R and Python.

ExcelR Data Science Course Fees:

As per the ExcelR reviews on the fees payable for the course, the total Data Science course fee is ₹54,999. EMI options at zero interest rates on all major credit cards are also available for learners’ ease.


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This ExcelR reviews provides a comprehensive analysis of various platforms and their courses and programs. It offers a thorough evaluation of courses, trainers, curriculum, and placement assistance by them. At Analytics Jobs, we evaluated and made a complete guide for you to help you in decision-making. Now, it is your turn to select the best platform for your specific field.


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