How to Get Admission to a Fashion Designing Course Online or Offline?
How to Get Admission to a Fashion Designing Course Online or Offline?
Are you dreaming about taking the fashion world by storm? Begin your stylish adventure with our in-depth guide on 'How to Get Admission to a Fashion Designing Course Online or Offline'.

Most colleges, institutes, and universities offering online or offline fashion design courses have a specific admission procedure. They prefer to test the student's aptitude before enrolling them. The tests vary from one college to another and from one course to another. 

You need basic fashion knowledge and current fashion trends to pass the test. Your creativity and knowledge about fabrics, colours, and materials will be tested. You will be asked about different techniques used in fashion designing. You must prove that you have a natural flair for fashion.

For most undergraduate Degree and Diploma courses in Fashion Designing, you must have completed your 12th examination. For a post-graduate course, you must have completed your graduation successfully. Consider fashion designing course fees and fashion designing course subjects you prefer before preparing for the entrance exam. 

How to Prepare for NIFT Entrance Exam?

One of the most important entrance exams for those seeking information on fashion designing course types is the NIFT entrance exam. This exam will be conducted on February 5, 2023. It will be organized in computer-based mode. The NIFT entrance test will have three stages. They are a written test, a situation test, and a personal interview.

  • Know the NIFT 2023 Syllabus

If you aspire to clear the NIFT entrance test, you need more than knowing about the types of fashion designing courses in India. You must know the syllabus of NIFT. In the written entrance exam, you must sit for the General Ability Test (GAT) and Creativity Ability Test (CAT). So, you must gather knowledge on the important topics of GAT and CAT.

  • Work on Your Sketching Skills

You need to be good at sketching to make a career in the fashion world. Learn to express your ideas on paper and take the help of a sketching training program if you need to. You can also practice sketching every day.

  • Learn Time Management

Learn time management so that you can answer all questions promptly and don't have to leave any questions unanswered due to lack of time. Practice sample papers and allot time to each question to improve your time management skills. 

  • Keep Stress Away

Stress often becomes associated with student life. Make sure you avoid it by having a positive attitude, appreciating your progress, and taking regular breaks from study. 

  • Get Advice from Experts

You can also talk to experts, like your seniors who have passed the entrance exam, to get tips to help you succeed. You can also take tuition if needed. 

  • Make Short Notes for Revision

Make short notes that help you revise the entire syllabus within a few minutes. You can look at the notes just before the exam to ensure that everything is fresh in your mind. 

  • Stay Confident

Ensure that you stay confident on exam day. Don't let panic or anxiety grip you, as it might lead to more mistakes. Always be confident but avoid being overconfident, as the latter can lead to drastic results. 

Fashion Design Entrance Exams Conducted in India

While learning about fashion designing course types, make sure you also know which are the top Fashion design entrance exams conducted in India. Here they are:

  • National Institute of Fashion Design Entrance Test (NIFT Entrance Test)

  • CEED

  • NID Design Aptitude Test (NID DAT)


  • MITID Design Aptitude Test (MITID DAT)

  • All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED)



  • Lovely Professional University National Entrance Test and Scholarship Test (LPU NEST)

  • Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

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