Mineral Magic - What Elements Make Salajeet a Unique Natural Substance?
Mineral Magic - What Elements Make Salajeet a Unique Natural Substance?
Ayurved practitioners regard the herbomineral known as "Destroyer of Weakness", as having healing properties that come from Himalayan as well as Tibet mountains. It is composed mainly by decomposing plants, it's appearance is similar to a sticky, black resinous substance.

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What Elements Make Salajeet a Unique Natural Substance?

Mineral Magic has mineral trace elements and 76 trace vital elements for life. Our bodies require these vital elements of our lives to perform optimally in bone development and nerve functions, all the way to digestion of food and energy production. But most people don't get enough of the minerals they need in their diet.

Salajeet (also called mumijo as well as shilajatu) is dark brown and sticky substance that is located on the rocks of areas of high elevation. The biogenic rock is formed from the gradual decomposition of plant matter over the course of centuries in the mountains' crevices.

Shilajit's rejuvenating effects are among the most effective herb remedies in traditional medicine. This is according to old Sanskrit sources that describe the herb being "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." Aphrodisiac as well as an energy booster for more than three thousand years,*

Humic Acid

Humic acids make up Humus, which is an organic element of soil. Humus comes from the decomposition of animals and plants which have decayed over hundreds of years. This has provided vitality to the soil.

Exudates of tar that leak out of sedimentary rock at high altitudes are called Shilajit (pronounced Sheel-ah'jeet) They have been used to boost health substances since the beginning of time. Shilajit has 60-80 percent humic acid, as well with numerous beneficial alkaloids from plants and polyphenols. They also contain Organic acids, resins waxes, as well as other natural compounds having rejuvenating properties, all of which contribute to overall wellbeing.

Humic acids carry a negative charge which draws positive ions, also known as cations. It holds them in place, helping in the binding of essential soil nutrients like Magnesium, Calcium and Iron to their respective places, while reducing the loss of water by as much as 30 percent. Additionally, they help to bind organic trace minerals to organic compounds that are more easily absorbed by animals, plants as well as humans - working as potent electrolytes as well!

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is among the organic acids which make up humus. Humus is the term used to describe organic matter decomposing found in soil that is healthy. It has a remarkable Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) quantity and efficient mineral absorption capabilities even at extremely low molecular masses.

The acids aid in the health of cells by transporting vitamins as well as minerals, assisting in biological waste elimination, as well as keeping electrolyte levels balanced within. They also increase the the flow of electrons that mitochondria make the energy needed by our bodies as well as cells.

Fulvic acid is ionic in charge that makes it biocompatible with human tissues. Studies have demonstrated its positive results, ranging from helping to maintain healthy skin tone, to boosting the healing rate after injuries and promoting healthy sperm production in regulating sebaceous glands, and also effectively eliminating the calcium, lime and rust staining on surfaces without the need for harmful chemicals or phosphates and is safe to usage on any surface, such as glass, stainless steel, and tile.


Water is distinct among all natural substance in the fact that it can be found in three different states of matter: liquid, gas, and solid with temperatures that are found in Earth. If it is in a liquid state, it is found in lakes, rivers and oceans as it cools and forms the form of ice and can also vaporize into steam. Many other materials must undergo either cooling or superheating processes to change their physical characteristics Best Online Herbal Store.

Mineral Magic's formula contains the 76 trace minerals naturally occurring in the body that help to revive cell function and provide the body with vital hydration and intake of minerals. Body members need minerals for overall good health; mineral deficiencies can cause various illnesses.

Shilajit (pronounced sheel-ah'jeet) is a black, sticky mineral compound produced by rocks at higher elevations and known to boost energy and endurance, treat chronic fatigue syndrome as well as protect liver. Furthermore, its antioxidant qualities help shield against free radical damage while rejuvenating cells from disease-causing free radicals that threaten cells throughout our bodies.


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