Nicview Login at Login
Nicview Login at Login
Using this portal, families can easily observe their infants in real-time with the help of a login.

As technology evolves, the shift towards technology is witnessed. Even the most sensitive and vulnerable moments are not excused from technological advancements. One such example that has brought immense comfort and peace for parents and babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) is "Nicview".  

Nicview is a web-based portal specifically designed for parents and families whose infants are kept in NICUs for post-birth care. Using this portal, families can easily observe their infants in real-time with the help of a login. With ease, parents can view the babies without the need to be physically present in the NICU. 

This article examines how parents can log in to Nicview with a few simple steps, and the login requirements. 

Login Requirements 

Before proceeding further with the Login steps, parents are required to make their personal accounts to keep an eye on their baby. For that, they need to keep a few things handy. Here are the login requirements:

  • The foremost requirement is to have access to its official website. To land on its official website, click here

  • The second requirement is valid or correct login credentials consisting of "Username" and "Password"

  • The third and most important requirement is to have a stable internet connection. The internet plays an important role because an unstable internet connection interrupts in between.

  • The final requirement is to own a device that is compatible with accessing its site. 

5 Quick Steps to Log In to Nicview 

Visit Nicview Website: 

Launch any of the web browsers and search for " login". This URL address will direct users to its official website, from where they can access the login page. 


Register for an Account: 

If someone is visiting the site for the first time, then it's necessary for them to register for an account. For that, click on the "Register" or "Sign Up" option. Thereafter, users are prompted to provide some essential details like their name, contact number, and a secure or strong password. 

Those who already have an account there can skip this step.


Login to Nicview Account: 

After successful registration, users can now log in to their Nicview account. On its homepage, users can easily discover a login section. There, input the registered email address and password and click "Login".


Select NICU: 

Once logged in, users are asked to select the NICU where their baby is kept and receiving care. 

Besides, this portal partners with several healthcare facilities, so it's important to select one carefully where the infant is currently admitted.


Eye on Baby: 

After selection, users are directed to a live video feed of their baby. At this point, users can easily look at and observe their little one that too in real time. This will ensure that the users feel connected and reassured, no matter where they are. 


Decisively, login is undoubtedly a portal that ensures comfort and peace of mind to parents, families, and babies in the NICU. Healthcare integrated with technology harnesses the benefits of providing real-time video streaming. Consequently, allow parents to stay by their baby's side even when they can't be physically there. 

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