Your Full Guide To Bikini And Brazilian Hair Removal
Your Full Guide To Bikini And Brazilian Hair Removal
So, if you are considering getting hair removal, do enough research about it. This blog is based on the insights taken from MehektaGul Derma Clinic, the best clinic for laser hair removal in Delhi.

Are you planning for your vacation on the beach? If you love spending your summer on the beach, then you might be thinking about getting rid of the unwanted hair on your bikini line. For instance, you may be thinking about shaving, but the painful procedure that must be repeated every month can make you think for a long moment and cancel your trip. However, how would you react if you knew there was another option, too, and you did not have to cancel your trip? 


Laser hair removal is another option you can opt to eliminate that unwanted hair forever. So, if you are considering getting hair removal, do enough research about it. This blog is based on the insights taken from MehektaGul Derma Clinic, the best clinic for laser hair removal in Delhi

What Are Bikini And Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

These treatments are almost the same works to remove all or some of the unwanted hair that grows in the pubic region. They differ only slightly.


Brazilian Hair Removal: It targets the hair on the sides of the pubic area, sometimes on the top too. 


Bikini Hair Removal: It helps to get rid of all of your pubic hair 


Both treatments are best, safe, and effective to make you feel comfortable and confident when wearing a bikini. These methods provide long-term solutions. And eliminate the need for shaving, waxing and plucking. Though you may need follow-up treatments to keep the area 100% hair-free and clean, it works. 


However, as everyone’s skin differs, some may require women to see hair reduction for months, while others can enjoy it for up to a year.



What Does Laser Treatment Involve?

Both bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal work by the use of laser technology. Initially, the laser sends light pulses into each hair follicle to destroy the root so the hair can no longer grow. 


Just like everybody has its complications, individual hairs grow at different rates, so laser hair removal sessions will vary from person to person.


You should know that the hair growth cycle involves three stages, and the laser is only effective when the hair is in the active growth stage. Doctors recommend going through multiple sessions spaced out only by a few weeks to ensure each hair gets destroyed when it’s growing. 


Though laser hair removal works on all skin types, people with light skin and dark hair tend to see the best results. 

Is Bikini or Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Painful At All?

No, bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal is not painful. However, a few patients can feel minor discomfort, such as the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. 

To reduce even the minimal discomfort, the doctor will use cooling methods to soothe the skin. 

How To Prepare For Laser Bikini or Brazilian Hair Removal 

Make certain preparations before undergoing the treatment, such as: 


Avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis for at least six weeks before the session. However, it is suggested that the target area be shaved or trimmed three days earlier. 


  • Avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis for six weeks before the session. However, you should shave or trim the target area one to three days earlier.

  • If, in any case, you are waxing and plucking, make sure to remove the hair from the root. Shaving only cuts the hair strands on the skin, which allows the roots to stay in the skin and attract laser light to the follicles. 

  • Longer than a grain of rice, hair strands reduce the efficiency of laser treatment and may lead to skin burns. 

  • Avoiding getting tanned for six weeks as laser works more effectively on lighter skin 

Post Session After Care 

  • To ensure effective and long-lasting results, you should follow the aftercare tips as suggested by your doctor: 

  • You can get back after the treatment, but apply sunscreen before and after the procedure. Also, stay away from sunlight to prevent the irritation 

  • A maintenance session might be needed in a year if there is found to be any visible growth on your body 

  • The results will be immediately visible after the session 

  • Wear loose clothes

  • ‘Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs 

Make sure you follow these tips and consult your doctor in case of any complications. 




Bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal is a simple and pain-free process. You can consult a skin specialist and plan your treatment effectively to get rid of unwanted hair and get clear and smooth skin. 

If you search for a skin specialist in Delhi, you can end your research at Mehektagul Derma Clinic. Here, you can get all types of skin treatments under one roof under the guidance of top skin doctors. So, convert your dream to clean and glowy skin and visit Mehektagul Derma Clinic today!

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