Your Guide to Getting a Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach
Your Guide to Getting a Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach
When a woman welcomes a baby, her body undergoes so many changes. These may be subtle or dramatic, depending on many different factors. Each child brings additional changes, and by the time a woman feels that her family is complete, she may barely recognize the person looking back at her in the mirror.  

While the changes that a person’s body undergoes during and after pregnancy are natural and beautiful, not every person feels confident in their body after their children have arrived. If this is the case for you, you might be considering cosmetic surgery – specifically a mommy makeover.  


If you are interested in having a Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach give you the ultimate makeover for your post-pregnancy body, keep reading to learn more about this popular set of procedures:  


What is a Mommy Makeover? 


When you have a Mommy Makeover Newport Beach, you are actually choosing a series of cosmetic procedures, usually all performed at once. By having these procedures all at once, your surgeon can give you a total body makeover in a single day – and minimize how many times you need to go under the knife for the best possible results.  


Pros and Cons of a Mommy Makeover 


As with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks and rewards to consider when choosing a mommy makeover. These potential pros and cons should be discussed with your doctor and considered at length before committing to any procedures you might decide on together. You may also experience more pain than you are expecting during your recovery, again owing to the multiple procedures undergone at once. This can make everyday activities – such as housework, childcare, and working – more challenging.  


Having multiple procedures performed at once means only a single recovery period. While that recovery might be longer or more difficult than a single surgery, it is much shorter than it would be for each individual procedure combined. This group of procedures does more than just offer a lifted, sculpted appearance, too. It can boost a woman’s self-confidence, improve her mental health, and even help to address common post-partum medical concerns such as diastasis recti.  


There are also potential drawbacks of having several cosmetic procedures at once. One of the most common is a long recovery time, often between eight and twelve weeks. This recovery time will be longer if you have more procedures at once, so this is definitely a factor to consider.  


Lastly, it is important to note that any cosmetic procedure involves scarring. A mommy makeover also does not protect against future weight gain, loss, or other bodily changes. A person who undergoes this set of procedures must continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise to maintain their results. 


Most Common Procedures 


Which procedures should you expect to have during a mommy makeover in Newport Beach? The most common are the ones that surgeons nearly always choose, while some surgeons may add additional procedures to get more specific or targeted results.  


The two most common procedures included in a mommy makeover are a tummy tuck and a breast enhancement. The latter may be a breast lift, reduction, augmentation, or some combination of the three. The goal is always to provide a result that is both optimal for the patient’s body and their aesthetic goals.  


Other Procedures You May Receive  


While most mommy makeover series include the aforementioned procedures, some include several more. Some of the most common options for add-on procedures include but are not limited to: 


· Liposuction. This is a very common additional procedure, since liposuction can easily be added to almost any other surgery. Liposuction carefully removes fat deposits beneath the skin. This gives a smoother, more sculpted look to any area chosen, such as the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and more.  

· Brazilian butt lift. This procedure involves fat grafting, in which fat is removed from one area, cleaned and sterilized, and then moved to an area such as the buttocks or thighs to create a curvier look.  

· Laser skin rejuvenation. Some surgeons may perform facial or body dermal fillers or other injectables, as well as laser treatment for wrinkles and other concerns.  

· Vaginal rejuvenation. This could involve several types of procedures, all of which are aimed at tightening and rejuvenating the tissues of the vagina and surrounding areas. This may include a angioplasty, rhinoplasty, or a labiaplasty – or any combination of the three. 


Not every procedure is right for every person – and that includes the procedures that make up a mommy makeover! If you have concerns about the procedures you are considering, never hesitate to mention these concerns to your Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach. Your surgeon can help you better understand the procedures you are interested in and whether they will meet your needs. They can also put your mind at ease about risks, recovery times, and more. Start your journey to being happier in your body today by talking to your provider to learn more! 

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