Don Lemon Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life
Don Lemon Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life
The net worth of American journalist and television news anchor Don Lemon is $20 million. The most well-known role of Don Lemon is that of a former CNN lead anchor and presenter.

Don Lemon  was born on March 1, 1966, and is a well-known American television journalist who hosted CNN from 2014 till 2023. In his early journalistic career, he was the anchor of weekend news shows on small local television stations in Pennsylvania and Alabama. Lemon was employed by NBC as a news journalist for shows including NBC Nightly News and Today. In addition, Lemon won an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2002 for his reporting on the Washington, D.C., snipers' capture. 


He was also honoured with three regional Emmy Awards for his business piece on Craigslist and special report on Chicago real estate. With all the recognition and fame, people all over the world started to search more about don lemon net worth and his growth for the last few years. So if you also want to know more about him, then we got you covered through this article.


As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about Don Lemon, such as his basic information, his current and over the years net worth, about his early and personal life, education, career and much more. So just keep reading below to check out all the info.

Basic Information About Don Lemon

Full Name

Don Lemon

Date of Birth

1 March, 1966

Place of Birth

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States







don lemon net worth

$20 Million


Tim Malone 



Mothers Name

Katherine Clark


Leisa Lemon, Yma Lemon


6 feet or 1.83 m


Information on Early Life of Don Lemon

On March 1st, 1966, Don Lemon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Coming from a Creole family, Lemon won the class president title in his final year of high school. Don Lemon said in an on-air interview in 2010 that he was sexually molested by a young male when he was five years old, but he didn't tell anyone about it until he was thirty.


Following graduation, Don studied at Louisiana State University before moving to New York to attend Brooklyn College. Don pursued a journalism major at Brooklyn College. He also obtained experience while he was a college student by working as a news assistant at a New York-based Fox News affiliate, after which he took off his career in it and made don lemon net worth reach $20 Million.

Career Details of Don Lemon

Before joining NBC, Donald Lemon started his journalism career at Fox News stations. There, he became a well-known correspondent and anchor and won several awards. Later, he relocated to WMAQ-TV in Chicago, where he won three Emmys for his reporting. After joining CNN in 2006, Lemon became well-known for his candid criticism. In spite of the debate and backlash regarding her perceived prejudice, Lemon reported receiving death threats. Nevertheless, he left CNN unexpectedly in April 2023 due to scandals and dwindling viewership.


Don, with his hard work. received numerous honours, including three Emmys, for his work on "CNN Tonight" and other programs. Don Lemon is regarded as one of the most significant LGBTQ individuals in broadcasting as well as one of the most significant African Americans in the world.

Don Lemon Net Worth

The net worth of American journalist and television news anchor Don Lemon is $20 million. The most well-known role of Don Lemon is that of a former CNN lead anchor and presenter. One of the most notable roles he held at the network was host of "Don Lemon Tonight," which ran from 2014 to 2022 (although it was known as "CNN Tonight" during that time). October 2022 was the program's last airing. 


Don had switched to a co-host role on a CNN morning show a month prior. After working for CNN for 17 years, Don was let go on April 24, 2023. CNN allegedly settled with Don for $24.5 million in February 2024, which was the whole amount he was expected to earn under his existing contract.

Don Lemon Personal Life

Don Lemon came out as gay in public in 2011. In his 2011 memoir "Transparent," he claimed he was gay from a very young age and brought up the subject of his childhood sexual assault. Donald further informed the world that, despite the fact that many people may have been taken aback by this disclosure, he had spent many years being upfront with friends, family, and close associates about his sexual orientation.


Still, he became one of the few openly gay African Americans working in television after making this declaration. Don Lemon began dating real estate agent Tim Malone in 2017. The couple made their engagement public in January 2019.

Don Lemon Net Worth Growth Over the Years

Don Lemon net worth in 2024

$20 Millions

Don Lemon net worth in 2023

$18 Millions

Don Lemon net worth in 2022

$15 Millions

Don Lemon net worth in 2021

$12 Millions

Don Lemon net worth in 2020

$10 Millions

Don Lemon net worth in 2019

$5 Millions


Don Lemon is a well-known TV Journalist who gained immense popularity for his work in CNN Network. He is also the most out-spoken individual in broadcasting for the LGBTQ community. With constant hard work, various prestigious awards and dedication, he made a name for himself over the years and don lemon net worth reached almost $20 Million.


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