Acoustic Camera Market Eyes Impressive Expansion, Aims for US$ 380 Million by 2032
Acoustic Camera Market Eyes Impressive Expansion, Aims for US$ 380 Million by 2032
The handheld/tablet acoustic camera segment will continue to lead the global market through 2032. This is due to the growing usage of handheld acoustic cameras across diverse industries. The target segment is likely to progress at 7.2% from 2022 to 2032.

The global acoustic camera market revenues totaled US$ 187.4 million in 2022. Over the next ten years, sales of acoustic cameras are forecast to surge at 7.3% CAGR. By 2032, total market valuation will reach US$ 380 million.

Increasing applications of acoustic cameras across industries such as power & energy, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, etc. will drive the global market. Acoustic cameras have become essential solutions across various industries for sound source localization. These cameras help users quickly and effectively locate air leaks and partial discharge.

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Rising adoption of acoustic cameras across various sectors for detecting defects and preventive maintenance will boost sales. Penetration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation will elevate acoustic camera demand.

Acoustic cameras help in detecting flaws in the equipment by mapping the machine in its early and later phases. They can help to reduce downtime as they can visually display sound sources without interrupting operations.

Implementation of stringent noise pollution rules is another factor shaping growth in the acoustic camera market. The market for acoustic cameras will also expand due to increased demand from sectors such as energy and power.

Increasing applications of acoustic cameras in automobile sector will further boost the market. Acoustic cameras are being used for identification & verification of various processes in automotive. This includes noise reduction for cabins and others.

Recent Developments:

· In June 2022, with an increased frequency range and an integrated battery, Teledyne FLIR expands the family of Si-Series acoustic imaging cameras. With an increased acoustic imaging range from 2 kHz to 65 kHz, the revised Si124, Si124-PD for partial discharge inspection, and Si124-LD for air leak detection are now available in the market.

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