Composite Cardboard Tubes Market Outlook: Growth Opportunities to Achieve US$ 3.1 Billion by 2033
Composite Cardboard Tubes Market Outlook: Growth Opportunities to Achieve US$ 3.1 Billion by 2033
One of the primary factors driving the growth of the composite cardboard tubes market include the rapid expansion of the e-commerce and online retail sector, which has created a surge in the demand for reliable and sustainable packaging solutions.

The global composite cardboard tubes market is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$ 1.7 billion in 2023, driven by growing demand for luxury packaging. The trend is expected to create new opportunities for the market, leading to a projected CAGR of 6.0% between 2023 and 2033, and reaching a total valuation of approximately US$ 3.1 billion by 2033.

Composite cardboard tubes offer excellent protection for delicate and fragile products during shipping and handling. They are an ideal choice for products such as cosmetics, personal care items, food items, and consumer electronics. The demand for composite cardboard tubes is expected to rise significantly, as e-commerce continues to thrive and consumers increasingly prefer online shopping.

Another significant factor contributing to market growth is the growing emphasis on sustainable packaging, which has been driven due to the increasing environmental concerns and consumer awareness. Composite cardboard tubes, being made from renewable and recyclable materials, align with the principles of sustainability. The tubes can be easily recycled, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy. The composite cardboard tubes market is expected to experience sustained growth, as more companies and consumers prioritize sustainability.

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Composite cardboard tubes provide an excellent platform for product branding and customization. They can be easily printed, labeled, or decorated with vibrant graphics and designs, enhancing product visibility and brand recognition. Customized composite tubes offer a unique and premium packaging solution that appeals to consumers and positively impacts purchasing decisions. The trend of personalized and branded packaging is gaining momentum, augmenting the growth of the market.

Key Takeaways from the Market Study

The global composite cardboard tubes market exhibited robust growth from 2018 to 2022, reaching a value of US$ 1.6 billion by the end of the period, with a steady CAGR of 5.1%. China is anticipated to maintain its dominance, with a projected CAGR of 7.5% throughout the forecast period. Corrugated board material is expected to witness substantial growth, with a projected CAGR of 5.9% by 2033. In terms of end-user industry, the food & beverage segment is poised to lead, boasting a CAGR of 5.8% by 2033. Over the period from 2023 to 2033, the composite cardboard tubes market is forecasted to flourish at a CAGR of 6.0%, ultimately reaching a market value of US$ 3.1 billion by 2033. Innovative product applications, across the globe is a major factor that is expected to propel the growth of the composite cardboard tubes market in the near future, remarks an FMI analyst.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent players in the Composite Cardboard Tubes market are Ace Paper Tube Corp, Smurfit Kappa Group, Valk Industries, Visican Ltd, Marshall Paper Tube Co., Inc., Chicago Mailing Tube Co., Paper Tubes & Sales, Heartland Products Group, and Darpac P/L, among others.       

Recent Developments

In 2022, Smurfit Kappa Group, a leading provider of paper-based packaging solutions, announced the launch of its innovative composite cardboard tube packaging solution. The company introduced a range of sustainable composite tubes that offer enhanced strength, durability, and protection for a variety of products. The tubes are made from renewable materials and are fully recyclable, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, Corex Honeycomb, a specialist in honeycomb core products, introduced composite cardboard tubes with honeycomb core technology. The technology enhances the strength and rigidity of the tubes while reducing their weight. The lightweight yet robust composite tubes offer excellent protection for products and are particularly suited for applications that require high strength-to-weight ratios.

More Valuable Insights Available

Future Market Insights offers an unbiased analysis of the global composite cardboard tubes market, providing historical data for 2018 to 2022 and forecast statistics from 2023 to 2033.

To understand opportunities in the composite cardboard tubes market, the market is segmented on the basis of material type (paperboard, and corrugated board), by end-use industry (food & beverages, cosmetics & personal care, and others), and by lid type (ring lid foil assembly, ring pull style, slip lid, and peel-off membrane), across five major regions (North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia & Pacific, East Asia, and Middle East & Africa (MEA)).

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