Condoleezza Rice Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life
Condoleezza Rice Net Worth, Early Life, Career & Personal Life
Condoleezza Rice is a great personality from the United States of America. She holds a number of notable positions in different areas of the political world. People primarily know her as a great politician from America.

Politics has always been a topic of great interest among the common people. Sometimes, certain political subjects create a lot of controversy among different sections of people. There are several prominent people in the political world who frequently come up with different issues and matters.


If you are someone who pays good attention to different political matters, then you must have heard about the name, Condoleezza Rice. Here, we will understand every important information about condoleezza rice net worth, early life, career & personal life.


As we all know, Condoleezza Rice is a very famous personality from the world of politics. Other than that she also holds reputable positions in different prominent sectors. All these areas of professional life have helped Condoleezza Rice in earning a good amount of money.


People who follow the activities of Rice often wonder about the amount of money that she makes. So, without wasting further time, let us understand all the important aspects regarding the net worth, early life, career, and personal life of Condoleezza Rice.


Full Name

Condoleezza Rice

Date of Birth

Nov 14, 1954 


69 years


Diplomat, Politician, Businessperson, Political Scientist 

Net Worth

$12 Million

Condoleezza Rice Net Worth Amount

Condoleezza Rice is a great personality from the United States of America. She holds a number of notable positions in different areas of the political world. People primarily know her as a great politician from America. Apart from that Rice is also a civil servant and a diplomat. Lastly, she is also a well established professor.


Thus, from all these notable positions, we can ascertain that the net worth of Condoleezza Rice would be very high. This is totally true and her net worth is calculated to be around $12 million. Now, this is indeed a very big net worth amount and all these have been possible only because of the different salary sources that she has.


She earns around $305,000 from her reputed position at Stanford University. The service that she provides on different company boards gives her the ability to make a good amount of money. In the year 2019, she was able to make about $405,000 for her service on the Dropbox board. In addition to that, Rice also owns around $4 million worth of Dropbox stock.


Not only Dropbox, she also serves on the board of several other firms. For instance, she earns about $300,000 every year by being on the board of All these earnings have helped Condoleezza Rice a lot in making such a huge net worth value of around $12 million.

Condoleezza Rice Early Life

We have looked at the large condoleezza rice net worth. Now, let's go through the important information about the early life of Condoleezza Rice. This political personality came into this world in 1954 and her place of birth is Birmingham.


She was born into a family that was well established both academically and politically. This background has surely played a prominent role in molding her into the person that she is today. Her mother was a teacher at the High School. Her father, on the other hand, was a student's dean, as well as a minister.


Her father was employed at Tuscaloosa's Stillman College and the major portion of Rice's childhood was spent in this campus, as well as the Titusville neighborhood. After a few years, the family decided to shift to the Colorado area.


Rice went on to study at the St. Mary's Academy, and then, the University of Denver. At the age of 19, she graduated with a BA in the subject of political science. Later, she also completed a masters program in the same field. This time, she attended the University of Notre Dame. Thus, she developed an excellent academic background in the field of political science.

Condoleezza Rice Career

The huge $12 million condoleezza rice net worth was possible solely because of her highly successful career. So, let's find out the important details regarding the career of Condoleezza Rice.


During the initial phase of her academic career, Rice worked at the reputed Stanford University as a Political Science assistant professor. Within a few years, she got the capacity to hold the position of an associate professor at the same university. Here, she used to give highly informative lectures to her students on the Soviet Union.


These lectures and her incredible work gained the attention of a lot of notable people. For instance, Brent Scowcroft was extremely impressed by her works and he later enlisted her to get into the National Security Council as his Soviet expert. Thus, Rice went on to work as a director of Soviet and East European Affairs.


During this phase, she helped the government a lot in the formation of policies that were aimed at promoting German reunification. She also achieved the position of the Provost of Stanford University during the later years. This in turn made Rice the first woman, as well as the first African-American in the school's history to get into that position.

Condoleezza Rice Personal Life

Rice is someone who has never shown a lot of importance to her personal life. She never got married to anyone. She also doesn't have any children. During the 70's period, Condoleezza Rice was engaged to the NFL player Rick Upchurch for a brief period of time. Later, she revealed that the relationship was not working out properly and thus, she decided to put an end to it.



We have learned all about condoleezza rice net worth, early life, career, & personal life. As we can see, the famous politician Condoleezza Rice holds an immense net worth amount of $12 million. This is a big amount and she has earned it solely because of her excellent political knowledge. Rice is also quite active in the world of real estate and has several precious possessions. She is a highly confident and extremely talented woman who has excelled in the male dominated political world. Thus, we can ascertain that she will keep on conquering new achievements in the coming years. All these will definitely take her net worth value to new heights.


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