Zero-touch Provisioning Market: Shaping Future Networks with US$ 9,232.82 Million Revenue Projection by 2033
Zero-touch Provisioning Market: Shaping Future Networks with US$ 9,232.82 Million Revenue Projection by 2033
Future Market Insights has walked through these facets with insights in its latest market study entitled ‘Zero-Touch Provisioning Market’. It has a dedicated team of analysts and consultants to execute using a bottom-up approach in primary, secondary, and tertiary modes of research.

The global zero-touch provisioning market is worth US$ 3.08 Billion as of now and is expected to reach US$ 9.23 Billion by the year 2033 at a CAGR of 10.5% between 2023 and 2033.

Manual configuration proves to be prone to errors as well as cumbersome. It’s interesting to learn that someone on-site with certain basic configuration skills with a laptop is needed for setting up the device for major functionalities prior to completing set-up through the central administration system.

Thus, the item, instead of getting transported to the installation place, could be brought to the staging area. To overcome these lacunae, the zero-touch provisioning system is being devised.

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However, the fact that the updates mentioned above need approval on the part of CSP (communication service providers) is expected to recede the market. In other words, this factor could be the major restraint to the zero-touch market going forward. A multi-party ecosystem could thus be at stake.

Key Takeaways from Zero-Touch Provisioning Market Report:

North America holds a sizable market share with the US being highly equipped with an explicit research and development base; thereby allowing this region to be amongst the top revenue contributors.

Europe stands second on similar grounds and the status quo is expected to remain unchanged even going forward.

The Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the zero-touch provisioning market due to network automation solutions being increasingly adopted by SMEs and large enterprises. This growth could be reasoned by the growing frequency of partnerships, collaborations, spending on smart city infrastructure, and new product launches. India and China are leading from the front with growing requirements to curtail CAPEX herein.

What does the Report say?

The research study is based on component (platform and services), by device type (routers, switches, access points, firewalls, IoT devices, and likewise), by network complexity (multi-vendor environment, complex network architecture, and dynamic network environment), by enterprise size (large enterprises and SMEs), and by industry (IT & telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and likewise).

With the increase in the frequency of deployment of 5G all across, the global zero-touch provisioning market is expected to grow on a good note in the forecast period.

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