Emergency Tree Surgeons London
Emergency Tree Surgeons London
Are you looking for emergency tree surgeons?

Emergency Tree Surgeons London

Are you looking for emergency tree surgeons? KW tree care are available for emergency call-outs 7 days a week. Our professional team delivers high-quality work as customer satisfaction is our priority.

Emergency Tree Surgeons

KW Tree care is available for emergency call outs 7 days a week.

The normal procedure for dealing with an emergency such as a fallen limb or tree is to make it as safe and as tidy as possible for it then to be fully cleared at another time to ensure minimal disruption to neighbours (noisy machines).

We can deal with trees fallen on cars, over footpaths and to remove dangerous limbs that haven’t yet snapped.

Out of hours are classed as 6pm till 5am.

The rate charged is £480 + VAT for the initial call out which includes the first hour. Thereon all subsequent hours are charged at £250 + VAT per hour.**

On average, most call outs are sorted within 1 hour.

The above is subject to availability and distance.

24 Hour Tree Surgeons

Here at KW Tree Care, we can provide a variety of specialist tree cutting services like tree disassembling and tree felling, developmental trimming, crown reduction and reshaping, stump removal, and stump grinding, all of which will be helpful in enhancing the beauty and health of your landscaping.

On top of all that, however, we are also equipped with emergency tree surgeons at your disposal, 24 hours a day.

There are many different types, sizes and ages of trees that can be affected by diseases, decay, and ageing.

Unfortunately, symptoms can sometimes go undetected for an extended period, causing alarming effects on its surroundings.

In many cases, when trees are not treated, the consequences can be suffered by your entire home, office, car, or even yourself if the tree has become very dangerous.

At KW Tree Care, we provide emergency call out services as a part of our comprehensive range of tree care services. Our service means that we will come out as quickly as possible at any time of the day or night if there are any serious tree issues.

As a precaution always make sure that if you choose not to make use of our services you hire a fully qualified tree surgeon for this type of work.

The use of an unqualified individual may result in you having to pay for additional damages that have been caused after the initial hit and you may then also have to pay for the services of a tree surgeon to complete the repairs, again doubling your expenses.

Click here to know more about emergency tree surgeons.


KW Tree Care is the leading local choice for all aspects of arboricultural work including tree felling, pruning and hedge trimming.

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