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Founded in 2014, Minutes Solutions Inc. is the global leader in professional, third-party minute taking. Our large team of minute takers and editors serves organizations in every industry. We save you hours by taking your minutes.

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    Virtual Meeting Minutes - Online Meeting Minutes

    Effortlessly manage virtual meetings with Minutes Solutions. Streamline onl...

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    Transcribing Minutes of Meetings and Board Meeting Tran...

    Accurate and timely transcriptions for your business needs.

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    Condo Board Meeting Minutes

    Want to know why minutes are important for HOAs & Condos?

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    Recorded Meetings – Minute Taking Services

    Simply provide us with your recorded meetings and we’ll create an accurate...

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    How to Take Minutes

    Check out 8 Steps to Great Minute Taking – How to Take Minutes.

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    Non-Profit Minutes – Non-profit Board Minutes

    Efficiently manage nonprofit board minutes with Minutes Solutions.

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    Minute Taking Companies – Board Meeting Minutes – Note...

    Elevate accuracy with expert minute taking companies.

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