Eco-Friendly Footwear: A Sustainable Step with ASICS India
Eco-Friendly Footwear: A Sustainable Step with ASICS India
Embrace Diwali joy in eco-friendly ASICS footwear. Explore the best sustainable choice, blending comfort and festivity. Step into a greener celebration!

Diwali, the festival of lights, brings joy and celebrations to every corner of India. It's a time of togetherness, feasting, and cultural festivities. And what better way to enjoy the festivities than by staying active and comfortable in eco-friendly footwear from ASICS India? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how ASICS is not just the best running shoes brand in India but also a pioneer in sustainable footwear. Discover how you can make a sustainable choice while keeping up with your Diwali activities.

The ASICS Green Philosophy

Before diving into the shoes themselves, let's understand the eco-friendly ethos of ASICS India. This section provides an overview of ASICS' commitment to sustainability, including its use of recycled materials, energy-efficient production processes, and its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. Also, a detailed insight into its eco-friendly women's and men's footwear: 


1. GEL-QUANTUM 360 VII: Comfort Redefined

The GEL-QUANTUM 360 VII is not your ordinary shoe; it's a marvel of innovation and sustainability combined. ASICS has teamed up with the ASICS Institute of Sport Science to create a shoe that redefines comfort. Here's what makes it the best running shoes brand in India


  • Gel™ Technology: The GEL-QUANTUM 360 VII is equipped with Gel™ technology, which is strategically placed to provide exceptional shock absorption. This means that every step you take feels cushioned and comfortable, making it perfect for those long Diwali commutes and exploration adventures.
  • Scutoid Shape: What sets this shoe apart is its scutoid shape. This unique design allows your feet to move naturally, adapting to the contours of your foot. Whether you're walking through bustling Diwali markets or exploring new environments, the scutoid shape ensures you stay comfortable and agile.
  • FF Blast™ Cushioning: The heel of the shoe features FF Blast™ cushioning, fine-tuned to give you an energized feel with every step. It's like having a spring in your step, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your busy Diwali celebrations.


In short, the GEL-QUANTUM 360 VII is not just a shoe; it's a companion that ensures your comfort and energy as you immerse yourself in the festivities of Diwali.


2. JOGGER X81: Running with a Purpose

The JOGGER X81 is a shoe that goes beyond running; it's a statement of environmental responsibility. ASICS has taken a bold step towards sustainability with this shoe, and here's what makes it a standout choice and ASICS, the best running shoes brand in India


  • Eco-Friendly Materials: When you choose the JOGGER X81, you're choosing sustainability. Crafted with recycled paper, synthetic leather, and polyester, this shoe is a testament to ASICS' commitment to resource conservation. It's not just a shoe; it's a conscious choice to support a cleaner planet.
  • Cushioning Structure: The shoe's cushioning structure is designed for both comfort and performance. By updating this technology with larger holes on the outside and smaller holes on the inside, the JOGGER X81 offers superior cushioning and stability. Whether you're running a Diwali charity marathon or just strolling through your neighbourhood, these shoes have got your back.
  • Caldera Outsole Design: The unique Caldera outsole design draws inspiration from the shape formed by Hawaiian volcanoes after they erupt and collapse. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's a functional design that prevents soil from getting stuck in the tread. So, if you find yourself off-road during Diwali adventures, you can count on these shoes to keep you steady.


Choosing the JOGGER X81 means you're not only choosing style and comfort but also making a conscious choice for the environment. 

3. GT-1000 12: Modern Comfort Meets Sustainability

The GT-1000 12 is your go-to choice for an active lifestyle during the festive season. ASICS has taken comfort and sustainability to the next level with this shoe, and here's what makes it a top women's and men's footwear: 


  • Modernized Shape: ASICS has reimagined the shape of the GT-1000 12 to make it more comfortable and functional. Whether you're running or hitting the gym during Diwali, this shoe has got you covered.
  • Soft Mesh Upper: The shoe features a soft mesh upper, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your activities. It's designed for an active lifestyle, making it the perfect companion for your Diwali workouts and celebrations.
  • LITETRUSS® Technology: ASICS has incorporated LITETRUSS® technology into the midsole's inside angle. This innovative feature reduces pronation and promotes a more supportive stride. It's like having a personal trainer for your feet, keeping overpronation at bay while you stay active during Diwali.


The GT-1000 12 offers modern comfort and sustainability in one stylish package, making it the ideal choice for those who want to stay active and eco-conscious during the festive season.

Conclusion: A Greener Diwali with ASICS

As you gear up for Diwali celebrations, remember that every step you take can make a difference. ASICS India's commitment to eco-friendly footwear allows you to embrace sustainability without compromising on style, comfort, or performance. So, why wait? Choose ASICS shoes for a greener, more active, and comfortable Diwali celebration. This is enough to recall ASICS as the best running shoes brand in India.


In this blog post, we've not only introduced the eco-friendly footwear options offered by ASICS India but also provided valuable information about the brand's sustainability efforts. By addressing a broader topic and seamlessly integrating the product details, we create a well-rounded and engaging off-site blog post that appeals to readers interested in both eco-friendly living and quality footwear.

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