Nev Merse: NLD My Favourite Game
Nev Merse: NLD My Favourite Game
Merse: I'd be shocked if Spurs beat Arsenal | Nev: NLD my favourite game ... Neville: It was essential Arsenal won on Merseyside | Football at ...


Merse is no stranger to controversy and has an indefinable line he will not alter: one which involves pushy touchline dads.

On Sunday afternoon at 2pm, watch Tottenham and Arsenal square off against each other in the north London derby, live on Sky Sports with Paul Merson providing commentary. Don't miss this fantastic matchup!

It’s a free hit for Spurs

The north London derby has long been one of the Premier League's defining rivalries, and Sunday afternoon will only amp up this intensity when Tottenham face Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.

Unai Emery quickly settled in on his touchline seat and whispered a prayer before the game kicked off, anticipating what he expected would be an exciting, unpredictable encounter. And he would not have been disappointed!

Romero's rough tackle on Nketiah earns Arsenal a freekick on the edge of the box; Odegaard lofts it into Partey who heads it (well) over.

Lucas Moura has been Spurs' man of the match. He was spectacular in pressing tirelessly while also helping limit Lacazette and Aubameyang's effectiveness, providing Son an attacking outlet and looking like an elite player (he might have scored). Additionally, his defensive contributions deserve special mention - making 10 tackles, which is more than any Spurs player managed during one Premier League game!

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It’s a big test for Tottenham

Arsenal are coming into this match full of confidence under Mikel Arteta's management, showing much more purposeful play despite not reaching the same heights they did under Antonio Conte last season. Additionally, their defensive performance has improved drastically; with fewer goals conceded than average under previous manager Antonio Conte.

These improvements may cause Spurs cause for alarm, especially considering Arsenal's track record in north London derbies since leaving Highbury; three victories at Emirates Stadium since then for Arsenal is cause for alarm for Spurs fans.

Spurs remain unbeaten this season but remain behind their rivals on goal difference, meaning they will need to beat Arsenal if they want to avoid falling into relegation danger. It should prove an interesting challenge for Tottenham and in-form striker Heung Min Son in this north London match that promises plenty of goals!

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