Affordable Laser Cutters and Engravers 2024
Affordable Laser Cutters and Engravers 2024
Ortur is a high-tech manufacturer focus on developing diode laser engravers founded by a group of passionate engineers. We love to discover the unknown and try to develop our products to the next level with vitality and creativity.

After testing and reviewing various laser cutters and engravers over the years, we are compiling a detailed guide on the best budget laser machines in this category. In response to DIY market demands, these sophisticated tools are continually improving. Let's take a look at what’s on the market, highlighting budget-friendly products, and discussing some innovative features and desirable attributes in this field. As usual, we will keep adding more such devices for comparison and feature the newest solutions, aiming to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals in this exciting area.

The emergence of affordable laser cutter machines and engraving machines as DIY tools

If affordable laser cutter technology originated in 1965 and became industrial mainstream in the 1970s, according to Wikipedia, interest in the technology is surging in the DIY community today. This complex tool has found various applications in many projects. For example, several popular manufacturing brands in the 3D printing space have expanded their product ranges to include laser cutting and engraving products. This extension is usually feasible because the required components and software modifications are not significantly different.

What to consider when buying a laser cutter and engraver

- Security functions. We can't stress enough the importance of security features, which are often optional additions. These high-energy tools can be extremely destructive. For example, a laser with a power of 200mW may be safe to use only with goggles, but when using a laser with a power of 40W, a special housing is also required.

- Power and speed. The importance of different materials and project types varies. If you have a special project, for example, affordable laser cutter once completed may be important because it greatly reduces the time and makes the cut cleaner.

- Dimensions and working area. Cheap benchtop laser cutters for DIY projects do not have a large work area, so they can be placed on a regular table.

- Special room (workshop) and ventilation. Need an exhaust system. Laser engraving, especially affordable laser cutter, can produce a lot of smoke. This smoke is not only toxic to breathing, but it may also leave a residue on various surfaces.

Cut 3mm plywood with a 10W laser. Due to excessive smoke, the use of air purifiers and vents is highly recommended.

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