Inside vPro: Unravelling the Features that Drive Business Excellence
Inside vPro: Unravelling the Features that Drive Business Excellence
Let's take a deeper look inside this powerful platform and see how its features can help your business thrive.

Businesses today operate in a highly dynamic environment. To keep up with changing market conditions and customer demands, you need technology solutions that empower flexibility, security, and productivity. vPro is an integrated platform designed to do just that. 


Intel vPro is built on the latest Intel Core processors, which provide cutting-edge performance for your most intensive workloads. With up to 8 cores and 16 threads, vPro gives you the muscle needed to handle complex tasks and multi-threaded applications with ease. You'll enjoy superb responsiveness whether you're juggling multiple virtual desktops, crunching large datasets, or rendering complex 3D models.


Let's take a deeper look inside this powerful platform and see how its features can help your business thrive.

Enhanced Manageability From Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of Intel vPro is its robust manageability tools. With Intel Active Management Technology, you can remotely monitor, repair, and protect your fleet of PCs from anywhere via a simple web interface. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to troubleshoot issues without on-site visits. Even when systems are powered down, you can take control and inventory assets to keep your business running smoothly.

Increased Productivity With Collaboration Tools

What is Intel vPro’s role in your business productivity? With Intel Unite, vPro makes it simple to wirelessly share, collaborate on, and display content from your PC to any other device on the network. This collaborative functionality allows impromptu brainstorming sessions and makes large-screen sharing a breeze. Unite integration with platforms like Microsoft Teams also enables seamless conferencing and virtual meetings to boost productivity across distributed teams.

Enhanced Protection From Modern Security Threats

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, you need advanced hardware-based security to safeguard your most sensitive information and systems.  Intel vPro delivers just that, with protections built into the silicon level. Intel Hardware Shield utilises the latest threat detection and memory encryption to help block malware and firmware attacks before they can compromise your environment. Its self-healing abilities automatically remediate issues to keep your devices running securely.

Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance

Setting up and managing dozens or hundreds of PCs can be a nightmare without the right tools. vPro simplifies these processes through Intel Unite and Intel Active Management Technology. Remotely deploy operating systems, applications, and BIOS/firmware updates with the click of a button to get users up and running quickly. Detailed hardware and software inventory reporting also saves you time spent taking manual inventories.

Enhanced Performance and Productivity With Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to consolidate workloads and optimise hardware utilisation for better efficiency. Intel vPro takes virtualization to the next level with powerful features like Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) that accelerate performance. You can run multiple guest operating systems simultaneously while maintaining strong isolation between them. Move workloads seamlessly across devices to enable continuity of operations in any scenario.

Optimised Performance for Data Analytics

Data analytics has become essential for gaining insights and making informed business decisions. vPro is purpose-built to excel at these workloads with built-in acceleration technologies. Intel Deep Learning Boost and Intel DL Boost use specialised silicon to rapidly crunch massive datasets. Intel oneAPI accelerators like Intel oneDNN and Intel nGraph also optimise analytics frameworks and AI models. This makes vPro the ideal platform for analytics and data science initiatives.

Future-Proof Your Investments With Long-Term Support

Businesses need technology solutions that stand the test of time. Intel vPro is engineered for longevity with support for the latest Intel processors. Its manageability features also receive ongoing updates for compatibility with emerging standards. This allows you to maximise your hardware investments for years instead of prematurely replacing devices. You can focus resources on strategic projects instead of constant upgrades and migrations.

Lower TCO Through Efficient Resource Usage

By optimising hardware utilisation through virtualization and workload consolidation, vPro lowers your total cost of ownership. Fewer physical servers are required to run workloads, saving money on procurement, power, and cooling costs. Centralised management also cuts down on administrative overhead compared to managing scattered devices. 

Enhanced Productivity for Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers are the backbone of many organisations. Intel vPro boosts their efficiency with integrated collaboration tools and seamless multi-device functionality. Its powerful processors also handle intensive workloads like 3D modelling and video editing with ease. Workers can focus more on value-added tasks rather than waiting for systems to respond. This translates to higher individual output and overall organisational productivity.

Customisable Solutions Through Partner Ecosystem

Intel works closely with top solution providers to deliver optimised, pre-configured vPro systems tailored for specific verticals and workloads. This allows you to procure solutions matching your exact needs off the shelf. An extensive partner network also ensures you get local sales, deployment, and support services. Their deep expertise streamlines adoption and helps maximise returns on your vPro investment.

In Summary


vPro takes business computing to the next level with its robust set of integrated hardware-based security, manageability, and performance optimization features. From enhanced flexibility and collaboration to lowered TCO and future-proof investments, every aspect of the platform is engineered to drive business excellence. By leveraging vPro, you can empower employees, optimise resources, and gain a competitive edge, regardless of your industry or location. Its customisable, scalable nature also ensures seamless growth with your evolving needs.

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