Hunza Tour

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Hunza Tour
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Hunza Valley, Pakistan: A Full Guide To Pakistan’s Jewel Of The North

Nestled amidst the grandeur of the Karakoram Mountain range lies the breathtaking Hunza Valley. Often referred to as the 'Shangri-La of Pakistan', this destination, with its snow-capped peaks, crystalline waters, and lush orchards, is nothing short of a paradise for travellers. If you're setting your sights on a tour to Hunza, get ready for an experience that seamlessly blends serenity with exhilaration. Let’s navigate through the gem of northern Pakistan together.

Why Visit Hunza Valley?

Hunza's charm lies in its untouched beauty. Every horizon unveils landscapes that seem straight out of an artist's palette. Beyond its scenic allure, Hunza is an intricate tapestry of culture and history, offering a union of nature and tradition that's genuinely unparalleled. When planning a tour to Hunza, this valley unquestionably deserves your attention.

How to Get There

The most efficient approach to Hunza is via Gilgit, accessible by both air and road. Once in Gilgit, Hunza is but a picturesque drive away. Travelot is the premier online platform where an array of Pakistani tour operators present their curated Hunza tour packages. This makes it effortless for travelers to pick a journey that resonates with their travel aspirations.

What to Do in Hunza

  • Historical Exploration: Embark on a tour to Hunza and step into its past with a visit to the Baltit and Altit Forts. These age-old structures provide not only insights into Hunza's history but also panoramic views of the valley, making them an essential part of any Hunza tour package.

  • Stroll through Karimabad: Central to many 3 days tour to Hunza packages, Karimabad is the heart of the valley. It's a cultural hub where you can discover local crafts, relish traditional Hunza delicacies, and engage with the warm locals. Shopping for souvenirs or simply soaking in the ambiance, Karimabad promises a memorable experience.

  • Mountain Gazing at Rakaposhi View Point: As part of your tour to Hunza, don't miss the majestic sight of Rakaposhi. This snow-capped giant offers a spellbinding view, especially from the designated viewpoint, making it a photographer's dream.

  • Attabad Lake's Serenity: A testament to nature's unpredictability and splendor, Attabad Lake is a must-visit on any Hunza tour package. Born from a landslide in 2010, its azure waters now beckon travelers for serene boat rides set against a breathtaking mountainous backdrop.

  • Hopper Glacier Hike: Those opting for an adventurous 3 days tour to Hunza should consider a hike to Hopper Glacier. The contrasting visuals of blue ice and lush green pastures promise an unforgettable trekking experience.

  • Local Culinary Delights: Hunza is not just a visual treat but also a gastronomic one. Dive into its culinary landscape with traditional dishes like Hunza bread, apricot jams, and the unique apricot kernel oil tea. A must-try for food enthusiasts on a tour to Hunza.

  • Cultural Engagements: Enrich your Hunza tour package by participating in local events, from traditional dances to music sessions and festivals. Experience the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Hunzai people.

With these activities, not only will you delve deeper into the soul of Hunza, but you'll also ensure that your trip offers a holistic experience, touching every facet of this enchanting valley. 

A Glimpse into a 3-Day Tour to Hunza

For those who can spare a brief hiatus, a 5 days tour to Hunza offers a condensed yet captivating insight into the valley's magic. Begin by immersing in the cultural wonders of Karimabad and the ancient forts. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the beauty of Rakaposhi View Point and the serenity of Attabad Lake. And, of course, no visit is complete without savoring traditional Hunza delicacies and diving into the bustling local markets.

When to Visit

April to October stands out as the ideal window for a tour to Hunza. The climate is inviting, and the valley showcases its most vibrant palette. However, those yearning for a snowy spectacle will find November to February equally enchanting, albeit with a chilly embrace.

Discovering Hunza with Travelot

For wanderlust souls eager to journey into Hunza’s embrace, Travelot emerges as the ultimate ally. As Pakistan’s leading tourism marketplace, it offers a diverse array of Hunza tour packages, all showcased by top-tier Pakistani tour operators. Whether you desire a luxurious escape, an adventurous trek, or a swift 5 days tour to Hunza, Travelot promises a curated selection, ensuring your travel dreams are fully realized.


Hunza Valley is a radiant testament to the timeless beauty that Pakistan cradles in its northern expanses. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a history aficionado, or a seeker of tranquility, Hunza beckons with an embrace that promises memories for a lifetime. Dive into Travelot, unearth your dream tour package, and let Hunza's magic cast its spell on you.

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