AM I OK? Review: Dakota Johnson Shines In This Inconsistent Comeback

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AM I OK? Review: Dakota Johnson Shines In This Inconsistent Comeback
The movie's focus may be on the character's coming out journey, but what truly shines is the portrayal of female friendship, particularly between an introvert and an extrovert. The dynamic between them is funny, light, cute, and special. It's refreshing to see Dakota's comedic talent showcased in this film, proving she can excel with the right material. This movie is a delightful choice for a pick-me-up when you're missing your friends.

AM I OK? Review: Dakota Johnson Shines In This Inconsistent Comeback

The charm of "Am I OK?" lies in its simplicity and relatability. Jane and Lucy's friendship feels effortlessly genuine as if they are the audience's close companions. This authenticity is a testament to the script's brilliance. Throughout their years of friendship, Jane and Lucy have developed a private language that reflects their deep bond. They have a remarkable ability to understand each other's emotions, using phrases like "you had a shaky voice" to acknowledge when one is upset. Even a yoga instructor notices their extraordinary connection, suggesting that they were sisters in a previous life until a betrayal led to a tragic outcome. In a lighthearted response, Lucy playfully suggests that Jane was the one who betrayed her, stating, "That feels like her thing." It is this level of familiarity and comfort that makes their friendship truly extraordinary.

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