How We Built A Robust Crypto Exchange Script Like Kraken
How We Built A Robust Crypto Exchange Script Like Kraken
From CryptoApe you can get a customized platform-like Kraken trading software to establish your Crypto Exchange Platform. With that, you can generate huge revenue through commission fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, IEO module charges and listing fees. Our Kraken clone script will be profitable for you and your traders.

Want to break into the very lucrative market segment? Then choosing the cryptocurrency sector will be wise. Yes, using a script for a crypto exchange like Kraken will enable you to increase your revenue. One of the most dependable options for eager business people looking for a fast way to enter the cryptocurrency space is the Kraken clone script.


You will have a lot of administrative tasks to manage while starting a cryptocurrency business, from deposits to tightened. But you can easily control everything by utilizing the Kraken clone script. By choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange development company you can get the best results.


Some of the key features in Kraken Clone Script:


     KYC integration,

     Crypto payment gateway,

     Live trading charts,

     OTC desk,


     Liquidity API,

     Margin trading,

     And many more.


These are some of the characteristics that the pre-developed Kraken clone script has. In addition to the functions listed above, if there are any other features you require, you may easily have them added at any time. We at CryptoApe assist you in the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Kraken.


We developed our Kraken clone script, which is more secure and has high efficacy that combines together to satisfy our client’s demands easily. Our team will be providing an end to end crypto exchange development solution that let you meet all your business demands at one place.


We are a group of proficient experts to guide you with our kraken clone script. Here, book your free demo:


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